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Day five:  What a Team!  Rod and Sal make this trip possible. Today was a scorcher.  Under most circumstances this  of 101 miles should have been easy.  The terrain was mostly flat.  We ripped off 75 miles by lunch.  After lunch, in Fsllon, Nevada
we proceded to ride another 25.  It was like riding in an oven.  We hadn't gone more than 5 miles before Pat had his second flat of the day.  He fixed it quickly, rode fifty yards and it blew out. It sounded like a gun shot.  Fortunately, Rod and Sal were there.  Pat put on his spare wheel and we were off for the final 20.  Rod and Sal stayed close monitoring our progress and giving us cold water.  It would have been an impossible ride without there support.
6/29/2010 04:01:41 am

Relief is on the way. Heat will be tapering off this week. Might start to heat up again by the weekend.

TS Alex (maybe a hurricane by later this week) is heading for Texas/Mexico border, so that should not impact you.

Hi, Sal! Hope you are having a pleasant time. Miss you.


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