Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Today is the final day of the trip.  We will be riding out of Williamsburg and taking the Colonial Parkway, the 13 miles to Yorktown, VA and the Atlanticocean.  As Don and I ride these last miles, our support team of Rod and Sal, along with my father, and a friend of Don/Sal's, Roy, will follow along, take pictures  and help us celebrate the ending of this long but enjoyable journey across the U.S.

I will fnish the blog from home with my final thoughts and pictures of the trip.  Goodbye for now.

Finally home after a 600 mile drive from Yorktown, VA. 

It was a celebration on the beach as we dipped our front tires in the Atlantic ocean.  Although it was only 8:30 in the morning, we toasted our completion of the journey with Champange and gave hugs to all those around us.  It was emotional for both Don and I as we realized our journey was complete and that we had a accomplished a feat that not many people can ever say they have done--more so for Don in the fact that this is his forth time across the country.

Here are some of the final numbers for the trip:

Mileage:  2, 871 
Time:  197 hours 29 minutes
Avg Pace:  4.09 mph
Avg Speed:  14.4mph
Max Speed:  51.4mph
Calories Burned:  169,864
Avg Heart Rate:  137
Max Heart Rate:  249

Ashland, VA to Williamsburg, VA

Todays ride was filled with historical monuments related to the Civil War.  As our ride took us from Ashland, VA to Williamsburg, VA we saw many different battlefields and a few cemetaries all related to the fighting that occured during the battle of the states. 
As our last full day of riding, Don and I discussed the trip we were completing and what we each liked/disliked about the trip.  We have seen many things, met many different people and have shared an expereince that most will never have the chance too do in thier lifetime.  Today's ride was the chance to relive some of the highlights of the trip.  We rode together for the 77 miles and met our support team of Rod and Sal in Williamsburg.  My dad who had met us in Ashland, had already come into town and scouted out the area for us. 
Once in the hotel and cleaned up, we set off to dinner and to explore colonial Williamsburg.  Dinner was good but we did not know that Colonial Williamsburg shuttered their doors at 6pm.  So we missed out on that experience.  Back at the hotel, we organized, cleaned and prepped for Tuesday's ride into Yorktown, VA and got the van ready for the trip home.  After we finish our ride on Tuesday, it is back to the hotel, showers and b-fast , and then the 700 mile trip home. 
I look forward to the end of the trip but at the same time will miss what I have been doing for the last fourty three days.   I will not miss the hotel breakfasts, lunchables, fig newtons, or McDonalds that seemed to be an everyday part of life for us!

Charlottesville, VA to Ashland, VA

Had a great visit with my cousin, Marianne and her family this morning.  The family just recently moved back to Virginia and are right on our route to Yorktown.  We stopped in for breakfast and had time to catch up before we were off and biking towards Ashland.  I had a suprise this morning, when  my dad called and stated that he was in Virginia and was going to meet up with us today and follow us to Yorktown over the next two days.  He stated that  he wanted to see me finish this journey.  It was cool to hear that and see him. 

Tomorrow will be the last big mileage day as we ride into Williamsburg, tour the area, get everything organized and packed for the trip home since Tuesday we will finish in Yorktown and then head home.