Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Fallon, NV to Austin, NV

Started the day with a flat tire (in the hotel room) and it only went down hill from there.  Not a really hot day but we have tired legs after climbing these mountains the first few days of the trip.  Yesterday's very high temperatures took  a lot out of us and we felt it today.  Chose to end the ride early and rest up for tomorrow's big push from Austin, NV to ????    We are traveling "America's Lonliest Road" which is 150 miles of nothing.  Other than this small town we are in tonight, we have only seen two cars all day!

P.S. When I picture Nevada, I always think it is flat--I was wrong...really, really wrong!
6/29/2010 14:05:09

We missed you at the golf outing today. Especially me, I need someone of equal skill to golf with! Hope you are having fun!!

6/29/2010 17:28:41

Enough of the flat tires already!!! Can you have them repaired or do you have to purchase new ones each time? I Hope that in spite of all the obstacles that you've had to face, you're still enjoying the ride and the incredible adventure!!! Stay safe!!! Love ya XOXO

6/29/2010 23:23:59

Pat you need to tell us where you are staying every night. That way I can follow you.

6/30/2010 04:21:52

Pat, how is Rod holding up in the heat? Would love to hear how he is doing on the long rides.


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