Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Cedar City, Utah to Tropic, Utah

The day started off with a new saddle on the bike and no wind.  Although tired, I was optimistic about the day and ready to get started until I saw the map.  Once again, as we put the tires on the ground, it was nothing but uphill for the next 19.8 miles.  Once on the bike, my knees told me that they had other plans for the day and they let me know that they were sore and in pain.  As the ride progressed to the three mile point, I actually thought I was going to have to stop riding becuase of the pain.  Well, the knees finally gave up sending me the pain signal and I was off and riding and feeling strong.  The moutain threw its best at us with its 8% inclines, switchbacks, and cold air but after three hours of riding at an average of 6.9mph we concurred the mountain and made it to Cedar Breaks National Park.  WOW!!  These were the views I was hoping to see on this trip and I was amazed at the landscape(Pictures on the Week 2 page).  Once in the park, we were up and down on the trailridge road until finally coming out of the park and heading down into Panguitch, Utah.  From there we rode into the Red Canyon Park on our way to Bryce Canyon National Park.  We did a total of 85 miles today and we felt great, saw beautiful views and ended the ride on a downhill with no wind!!

I got upto 51.4 mph on a long downhill--it was awesome and scary at the same time!

The only sad thing about today is that I am missing my family.  I did get to speak with them but it is not the same as giving them a hug and kiss each day:(
7/4/2010 06:37:55 am

Your pictures are coming thru very nice. I was at the canyon in 1965 with my brother. We check your site every day. Sounds like you and Don are having a good time, and seeing some great country. Everything good here, we are going to the lake today for a while. Served 1891 people yesterday


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