Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Lexington, VA to Charlottesville, VA

First:  Today is Rod's 52 Birthday:  Happy Birthday Rod---you old fart!

Today was an enjoyable ride with one last big climb up and over Mt. Vesuvuis.  It was only 3 miles to the top but the grade was the killer.  It averaged 13-17% all the way and threw in a 19% for about a quarter mile just to make it interesting.  That is pretty close to trying to ride a bike up the side of a wall!  Don and I both accomplished this without much effort--at least not as much as we thought it was going to take and continued our ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Although a little hazy, it was still a very nice ride.  The parkway threw a few more hills at us but nothing like the morning climb, so we continued the ride into Charlottesville at a pretty good pace.  The map wanted us to take some back roads that were going to increase the ride 33 miles or we  could take the direct route  and it was only 19 miles.  Which do you think, we chose...you have to remember this ride is about riding across america and seeing the sites, not just about the miles...

Once in Charlottesville, we got to the hotel and are just now getting ready to go see the sites:  University of Virginia and Montecello--the home of Thomas Jefferson.  I will post pictures later on.

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