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Charlottesville, VA to Ashland, VA

Had a great visit with my cousin, Marianne and her family this morning.  The family just recently moved back to Virginia and are right on our route to Yorktown.  We stopped in for breakfast and had time to catch up before we were off and biking towards Ashland.  I had a suprise this morning, when  my dad called and stated that he was in Virginia and was going to meet up with us today and follow us to Yorktown over the next two days.  He stated that  he wanted to see me finish this journey.  It was cool to hear that and see him. 

Tomorrow will be the last big mileage day as we ride into Williamsburg, tour the area, get everything organized and packed for the trip home since Tuesday we will finish in Yorktown and then head home.
Sarah Ashbaugh

Wow Williamsburg, my favorite place!! You are so close to Yorktown its ridiculous!! The historic triangle (williamsburg, yorktown, and jamestown) is seriously one of the coolest places to visit ever, Pat!

From living there for over a year, here are some suggestions on places to visit in the "burg" if you have time!!

-the campus of William and Mary- one of the oldest and most beatiful college campuses in the country! I used to take Daisy for a walk there a couple of days a week. Absolutely beautiful but be careful bc the traffic is crazy. The intersection is called chaos corner.

-downtown area (people dressed in costume as well as neat shops.) The cheese shop is delicious. lots of historic houses still in tact!!

- Christiana Campbells Tavern. Located right in the historic downtown. It is a running tavern that was supposedly George Washingtons favorite restuarant.

-The carrot tree in Jamestown. Not kidding, Pat! The best Carrot cake EVER!!! (ever!) (like ever ever).

-going on a food kick, I feel the need to mention that the Yankee Candle headquarters is in Williamsburg and they literally have the best fudge in the world (strange but true..blows mackinaw island out of the water).

-if you have time I would definitely take a walking tour of Williamsburg. It is absolutely fascinating. The ghosts of Williamsburg tour is really neat!!

- if you want a good beer, the green leafe is across from the william and mary campus stadium and has more beer than any bar I have ever been to (over 150 kinds..ridiculous!) and amazing sandwiches. They supposedly were voted one of the top ten bars in the US by USA today.

besides that there are tons of attractions such as Busch Gardens, Water Country, Presidents Part ( a weird park that just has gigantic statues of presidents heads lol) the living history museum, etc...

There are also a bunch of pancake houses, pizzerias, and steakhouses, and 7-11's (who doesnt appreciate a delicious slurpee on a hot day? banana flavor= delicious! lol).

Yorktown beach is nice but doesnt compare to Virginia beach which is only 40 minutes away!!

Hope you have an amazing time, and get to visit some of my Favorite Place!

Have fun!! You are so close to the end! Bring it on, Homestretch!!

Carey Bisonet

Pat, I had to stop myself from catching up on your blogs all at once this morning! What an amazing trip! Best of luck as you finish these next couple days.


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