Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Sonora, Ky to Harrodsburg, Ky

Day was pretty uneventful riding wise.  We did have the chance to visit and tour the Jim Beam Distillery.  It was a pretty interesting story of how the company started, went into 'storage' during prohibition and then came out stronger than ever after prohibition was done.  The tour even allows for a taste testing of the different versions they offer.  Although I did not participate in this activity, since a bad college party has caused me to no longer enjoy Jim Beam, we did find out that Sal did enjoy the taste and she even ended up buying a bottle 'of the good stuff."

I have been told that I must tell you about the magic water bottle (picture in week 5 pictures).  While putting my bike up on the rack for the trip to the Jim Beam Distillery, I set my water bottle down on the back bumper.  I forgot about it as we drove off.   This bottle stayed on the back bumper as we drove all over the city, into Burger King, and the 15 miles on the freeway to get to the distillery.  There were many turns, a few bumps and an irrate motorist we had to deal with but the whole time, that water bottle stayed on our bumper.  It is the small things that we are getting amusement out  of at this point:)

Once in Harrodsburg, we ran into some trouble with the hotel we were staying at  becuase there was a huge soccer tournament in town and it was overrun with little kids.  The coaches and parents did much less then  expected in regards to keeping their pre-teen kids under control, and it caused a lot of issues for the hotel staff.  We were not really happy having to carry all of gear downstairs  this morning, after the kids broke the elevator.  Thankfully, the hotel gave us 10% off the bill for our troubles.

I have enjoyed reading about your adventures. So glad the kids were able to catch you along your trip. Sounds like you had a great day today!


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