Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Bland, VA to Newcastle, VA

Today, was the perfect ride!  It was sunny but cool, rolling hills, a mountain stream on one side of the road, valleys/pastures on the other side and just a lot of fun.  We rode 70 miles and knew that the next section we needed to ride was going to be rough and we decided not to go any further and ruin such a great day. 

We crossed the Appalachian Trail today on our ride and it happen to be a section that I walked with my friend Marty a long time ago.   

Saving Don:  As I was at the top of a hill taking a break and reading a historical marker beside the road; I hear Don yelling for help from down the hill.  "Help, Help"  and I turn around with adrenline coursing through my body not knowing what to expect.  I see Don slowy making his way up  to the crest of the hill, but he is still riding.  He yells out 'help' again, and I start towards him not sure what is going on.  THEN, Don crests the hill and I see a Chihuahua jogging along beside him with her tongue out and wagging her tail.  As Don struggles up the hill, here is this little 3 pound dog easily keeping up and enjoying it.  I shake my head in disgust and then in laughter at this little dog and the fact that Don is scared to death of it biting his ankles.  (Please see the picture of this scary dog that I had to wrestle away from Don's ankle).

We drove into Lexington, VA and had a hard time finding a hotel becuase of the 'pony show' that was going on this weekend and the Pro Golf tournament that is taking place in Greenbrier, WVA.  It seems there are not many hotels in that area and this is the closest large town.  This is also the town of the Virginia Military Instititue (VMI) and it is pretty impressive.  If I remember my history correctly, this is were Robert E. Lee was at, when he was chosen to lead the confederate Army.

Tomorrow, we ride up and over the last mountain before heading down 180 miles to Yorktown.  The end is near!!
7/31/2010 04:25:04

Sounds like a nice area. Virginia is a pretty state. Glad that you had a fun day yesterday. Like the dog and picture. You are making better time than you thought. It's always nice to have the goal in sight, now you can relax a little. Enjoy the rest of the ride. See you soon. Dad.


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