Day ThirtySix: VIRGINIA - Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Pikeville, KY to Cerea, VA

Today was a pretty uneventful day.  We were excited to get into Virginia, our last state, and see the finish line.  The line is 550 miles away but at least we are in the same state.  Eight of the nine states are behind us and we are pushing forward....

The day started out very foggy and humid but wse decided to ride anyway since we were going to be on some back roads with little traffic.  Soon enough we got our legs warmed up and we powered our way through three major climbs on our way to the 100 mile mark.  The difference between the Eastern U.S. and the Western U.S. is the 'grade' of the mountains.  Out west, the roads up to the top are limited to 7% grades with a few exceptions....out here in the East, the grades are not limited, and we hit 10-11% grades on these climbs.  Looking at profile of these mountains makes you wonder if you need ropes and caribiners to climb and a parachute to descend. 

We had to drive about 20 miles to get a hotel room for the night, but we will be back at it in the morning.  We are hoping to finish in 5-6 days and make our way home!
debi Hool
7/29/2010 22:25:27

It is nice to see you are on the final push! Great pictures along the way and can't wait to see all of them.. Make sure to give Rod a big kiss on saturday for his 52nd birthday.. anything else I don't want to know......


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