Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Harrodsburg, Ky to Berea, Ky

Very excited for the day.  Today, I get to see my kids after they arrive in Berea with two of my sisters.  I had to ride 46 miles into town and was going as fast as I could to get there with the excitement building every mile of the way.  It has been 31 days since I have seem my kids and I could not wait.  Seeing them at the hotel, was a great reunion and we all cried.  The rest of the day was spent swimming in the pool and eating.  We had a power outage due to the storm and I took the time to change my tires and get the bike ready for our ride on Tuesday. 

Tomorrow we plan on going swimming, visiting the Kentucky State Horse Park and whatever else the kids want to do.  It is all about them tomorrow:)
7/26/2010 05:26:45

Glad to hear all is well. Keep on truckin! When you get back we will have to go on a bike ride!

sarah ashbaugh
7/26/2010 09:01:45

Aww I am so glad you get to see Mack and Trevor! I know everyone there is excited to see you! lol You know if Aunt Mary and Aunt Barb got up at 5 am to see you then they must love you lol!!! I hope you have a great visit!


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