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Day Twenty

7/13/2010 14:26:23


Eads, CO to Scott City, Kansas

KANSAS: After driving back to Eads from Lamar, CO  becuase of the hotel room situation, we were on the road and planned on taking it easy today.  Since we had pushed it yesterday in 100 degree temps and I was not sure how my back was going to react to the bike,  the plan was to ride an easy 100 miles.  Well, that did not happen.  I felt good and promised myself that I was not going to use my aero bars becuase that is what caused the back pain, but I was still doing 23-24mph with a slight tailwind.  At 50 miles, I was on pace to be under 5 hrs for the day and decided to go for it.  I completed the 100 miles in 4hrs and 59 minutes (20.1 mph) for the whole ride which is not real good, but it was a saving grace since I was not able to do that yesterday!

The view was grasslands or stockyards full of cattle.  The smell from these places were like smelling salts--it hits you all at once and it is not pleasant! 

During the ride we came upon 8 other adults who were doing the TransAmerica route from East to West.  I stopped briefly to talk to them and give them some pointers about the sandstorms (wear surgical masks)  and wished them all good luck.  Don cuaght up to me at this point and I ducked in behind him and rode his wheel for awhile.  It was then that I noticed his back wheel was wobbling and after investigating, we found that a spoke had broken off and caused his wheel to 'go out of true.'  We quickly put on the spare back wheel and kept the ride going.  We hope to get his wheel fixed someplace in Kansas, but the bike stores are not real plentiful around here.
7/13/2010 16:04:34

Hi Patrick. Sounds like you are in the wide open spaces. No cell towers around. Sorry we missed your call I was at training. Hope that you can find a bike store to get a new wheel. MC said to say hello. We are good here, hot but not as hot you are. Be careful with that. Plenty of open spaces ahead for a while. Mom & Dad

Dave Hill
7/13/2010 19:48:57

Pat - Congratulations on making it to Kansas. As someone who is a casual biker (never rode more than 80 miles in a day) I have to say that I am very impressed and inspired by your trip. I hope that all continues to go well for you and that the little aches and pains are overwhelmed by the great memories that you are making every day!
Be safe! Dave Hill

3/14/2011 00:27:07

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