Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Eureka, KS to Girard, KS

Today was a 100 mile day and the temp was over 100 degrees.  Nothing really special today on the ride; just a grind for the whole day.  We did have to ride for about 4 miles on a gravel road as we had another detour around some road work. 

Once we arrived in Girard, we found out that there were no hotels and had to drive to Pittsburg, KS to get a hotel.  While there we found out that Pittsburg was hosting "The four state Farm convention" and it was a big hit.  We have not seen so many trucks, cowboy boots/hats and wrangler jeans in one place before.  

It was suggested that we go to the #1 steakhouse in the area (Jim's Steakhouse) and it was well worth it.  I had the best filet ever. 

Short post today since nothing happened today and I am wiped out.  Tomorrow, we head into Missouri and the ozarks.

Good night!
7/19/2010 14:25:45

Ooooh, a steak =D Sounds SO good right now!


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