Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Salem, MO to Ozora, MO

This was an interesting day for many different reasons. 
First, let's start with the dogs:  I am not sure if Don rubbed hamburger meat all over my bike last night or what the reason was, but today--the dogs were on the attack.  There were six different episodes of dogs running out to the road and barking or nipping at me while I rode.  I'm sorry to say that the first dog that did this was hit by a truck.  As the dog was running in its yard, I saw the truck coming and yelled at the dog to 'stay' but it bolted out in the road and was hit.  This is not a good way to start the morning.  As many of you know, I am a dog lover and I still feel bad about the incident even as I write this.  What/who I don't care for are the dog owners who do not leash their animals and allow things like this to happen!  In the five other incidents, I was able to outsprint the other dogs and seemingly made them tired enough that they did not even chase Don.  This is why I think it was a conspiracy:)

Second, the roads were very narrow and there were many semi trucks on the road.  I was run off the road twice by semi's as they blew their horns coming up the road right behind me.  Thankfully I did not crash and was able to stop in the weeds or the gravel before falling.   I was able give them the universal sign for 'my displeasure' but was pretty freaked out about getting run off the road.  Today was the most dangerous day of all the days we have ridden:(

Third, if there were no cars on the roads--I would love this route.  I am more of a climber vs. riding on the flats and this route is up and down all the time.  For you bicyclists or runners out there; this is the ultimate interval workout.  The climbs are 30 to 60 seconds in length with a 20 second downhill and then you start climbing again.  Except I am doing this for 100 miles and 7 hours!!!  Don had me totally freaked out about the Ozarks, but so far I am loving them...it is just one more thing against that state they call Kansas!

Fourth:  Miscellanous items: 
I have lost two inches around my waistline and have lost a five pounds...I was disappointed that I had not lost more weight with all the exercise I have been doing, but it was pointed out to me that I have gained a lot more muscle mass in my legs.  They look like tree trunks right now!
Rod and Sal have been doing an amazing job of keeping us hydrated with fluids.  We are going through 20 pounds of ice a day in the cooler and in our water/gatorade bottles.   I know it must be boring at times following us around but Don and I could not do this trip without them.
The longer I am out on the road, the more I am forgetting about where I have been.  This is why this blog is so important.
We have ridden just under 2,000 miles as of today

Mary Lou
7/20/2010 21:23:13

Wow, Patrick, that was a hell of a day!! What's up with the dogs?!! Love you...Miss you!


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