Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Vallejo, CA to Folsom, CA

Started the day our at the Vallejo ferry and rode to Folsom, CA...you may know it from the Johnny Cash song.

Good day of riding--rode 109 miles on beautiful rodes WITH bike lanes!!  Don's bad day was yesterday (or so we thought) and mine was today.  As I am climing the first 'hill' of the day, I go to switch to my low gear for the climb and realize I do not have any low gears.  My front derailur is all screwed up and now I have to climb these hills in a gear usually saved for flat paths and downhills:(  Did find a bike shop who was able to fix my derailur and get me back on the road.  

Later in the day, Don has another flat; the third in two days--so we ended our ride at 109 miles.   
6/26/2010 11:48:31 pm

Historically, the first week for Don is usually trying. However, this is the shakedown period and, if Don's past experiences are any indication, it should be smooth going by the middle of next week.

Safe travels, gents!


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