Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club

New Years Day Ride

Don rides year-round and I always take November and December off before getting back on the bike.  This year we started off  with a New Years Day Ride, out in Clarkston, MI.   The ride started with 6 inches of  fresh snow on the ground and a temperature of 19 degrees.  We did 14 miles on the backroads of Clarkston but were happy to finish and warm up. 

Spin Classes and Road Rides

Since January, Don and I have been taking different paths in regards to training for the trip.  First, let me say that when we both started riding this year, we did not have any definite plans to go on this trip, so that is why it may seem an unusual training regime. 
Don has been riding over at Indian Springs Metro Park every chance he gets and when the weather is bad, he is in the gym working out.  I, on the other hand have been doing Spin Classes two or three times a week until March and have since been riding outside when I get the chance.

Knee Injections

Don: Part of my training involves an annual series of four injections in each knee.  My elderly knees no longer can handle the impact of jogging and even hiking can sometimes be uncomfortable. Fortunately, bicycling is very gentle on the knees.  The injections help keep the knee lubricated and cushioned.  I have been following this procedure for about five years and there has been no decrease in my average annual mileage(6000+, 7400 miles last year).

Getting Some Sun

I took Spring Break  and went to Florida for ten days.  While there, I made an effort to ride multiple times and get in some training rides around Orlando.  It all went well and I was able to get out three times for different rides around Disney World, Universal Studios and Central Florida University.  Hopefully all the sun, exercise and sleep will help in my training!

200 miles this weekend

May 29 and 30, Don and I did 100 miles each day as a springboard to our trip.  We wanted to see if our bodies would hold up under the training that we each have been doing.  Don has been able to get out much more than I, and I was worried that I may just throw my bike to the side of the road by the end of the 2nd day.  Luckily, we are both feeling good and the rides reaffirmed our commitment.