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Before I discuss the danger let me describe the ride.
We started in Bland, Virginia this morning but it wasn't anywhere near bland.  We followed a beautiful farm valley for about 23 miles.  At the end of the road we came to a T.  We could go north, south or take a lesser road marked 720 east.
We've been on some of these lesser roads and they can be pretty tough.
But this one was great.  Tree covered in many places and gently rolling  with numerous small farms.  It was a perfect short cut road for our needs.  It seemed the people of the area refused to permit a major road through their area to preserve its beauty.  It was a road you could wave to people or buy fresh eggs if you wished.
At the end of the road we came out on a busy highway that we had to ride for about 4 miles.  We turned off that highway and joined another country valley road.  This one had a few steeper hills but was also a pretty area to ride.  With the exception of the major highway we had very little traffic.
Now the scary part. About 10 miles from the end of our days ride I was  a quarter mile behind Pat.  On a short steep climb a dog raced out of a driveway after me.  I was terrified and am still shaking.  I'll let Pat tell the rest of the story in his blog.
Planning to finish Tuesday if all goes well.

7/31/2010 07:40:00

7/31/2010 07:46:01

Don - Thank God - - you survived that beast! This transcontinental ride has been so exciting and definetly educational and - -you guys have a wonderful sense of humor! I know the conclusion will be as exciting as the beginning!

Thanks for allowing all of us to come along!


Bonnie Damnit
8/3/2010 07:06:17

So glad you were in a lovely place. I guess the people want to keep it that way--like free from strangers. Thus the dog with an attitude!

8/3/2010 10:17:26

I laughed out loud! Remember the big loping puppy with the ball in its mouth who ran along side you for about half a mile. teeeheeeeheeee

11/28/2010 23:03:26

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