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Left Harrodsburg, Kentucky for a short 46 mile ride to Berea this morning.  Nothing comes easy!  Very warm with high humidity.  Some very steep climbs.  Nothing very long but with the humidity sweat poured off in big drops.
Actually the back roads have been very pleasant to ride.  The scenery has been rural Kentucky farms.  Some much more prosperous than others.  Horses, cattle, tobacco, corn and soybeans are what we see most.
Pat had a hand just a few inches from a cow today.
Rolled into Berea about 1:30.  Pat's kids and sisters, traveling from Michigan, beat us by about half an hour.
All had lunch together.
Our door is next to the pool and that's where we spent the past hour.
Tomorrow will be a day of rest.

7/26/2010 04:31:31

A day of rest sounds well deserved, and especially given you have to face mountains again very soon. Granted, these are more like hills compared to what you faced back west, but given the recent weather means it could be a tough couple of hundred miles.

Thanks for the call last night. It was great to hear your voices. I am very much looking forward to your arrival in Virginia. If luck prevails, we may get to travel together a bit while you head up to Washington, DC.

Love to you both!

Carol Landry
7/26/2010 07:39:02


Sal and Rod are doing a perfectly coordinated job because you, Pat, the landscape and points of interest picturs look excellent with no indication of the heat and bike/road problems!

Thanks for letting us enjoy the "best parts" of your remarkable adventure!


Damnit Bonnie
7/26/2010 09:54:16

I love the new pictures--especially the large web site photo of the winding farm road. I could even smell the stables. I am about to be jealous as you approach the end of your trip. If Roy is there, I think I am going to miss some laughs.I hope someone will call me when you all find each other. I will sit at my dining room table, deal out four hands of cards and pretend. xoxoxoxo to all!


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