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After a pleasant day with Pat's family it was back to work this morning.
Just 15 miles east from Berea and I75 we began to see significant changes in life style.  West of I75 we witnessed a pretty rural Kentucky with modest farms and rolling hills.
Today we saw the other side.  Towns and businesses that were closed.  Homes with a number of broken down cars in the front yard along with an assortment of of discarded or broken goods.  At the crest of one hill there was a mobile home that seemed to have been pulled up the mountain and discarded on the side of the road years ago.  The road litter is something you might have seen 25 years ago before bottle deposits.  Amidst all this you would be surprised to see a pretty brick home with a manicured lawn and a porch full of potted flowers.
The roads are narrower with a number of long steep climbs.  Fortunately, today was mostly cool with occasional showers, making even the steep climbs tolerable.  While most drivers continue to be considerate, we are beginning to encounter a few more impatient and rude drivers.
Pat was pushing for 100 miles today.  But when we turned onto a busy Kentucky parkway with a steep climb and a rough grooved shoulder I balked and said 91 miles was a good days work.  Age is a handy trump card.
It was a good thing that we did quit because shortly after a big thunder storm came through with heavy rains .
Pat didn't seem to appreciate that I saved him from being drenched and possibly hit by lightening.  I do what I can.
The Mann's
7/27/2010 07:38:03 pm

We are leaving for Algonac camping today and I suspect by the time we get home on Sunday you will be closing in on the end of your trip. We have enjoyed reading about all of your adventures and progress. I can't say that I wish I were there, but we can say that we miss you guys and will be glad when you are home. Don (and Pat) we admire your adventurous nature, perserverence and all those other things that it takes to accomplish such a fete....and Sal (Rod too) we admire your support in this journey they have taken...I don't think I would have the patience to do what you 2 are doing either...
STAY SAFE..CONTINUE TO ENJOY...LU Guys,,,Gerry and Susie

Sue O
7/28/2010 12:09:46 am

Wishing you a safe ending to your journey. We're expecting hot weather and storms--hope this stays away from you so you can enjoy your last climb. I'm still working Bill to the bone. He's tearing our carpet as I'm typing this and then putting up ceiling molding. Carpet being laid Friday and this project will be complete. Next-a new liner for the pond. Just waiting for you to get back since you were such a great help the first time we did this. Take care and anxious to see the both of you. Sue

7/28/2010 02:11:02 am

Just be glad all you are encountering is stereotypical Kentucky lawn ornaments (cars) and rude drivers. After all, you could be reliving "Deliverance." Yikes!

Those thunderstorms were quite nasty when they finally whipped through Virginia. Lots of power outages in Virginia and Maryland.

Hot weather is coming again, and this time the humidity is riding in as well. Your last few days are going to sweaty... very, very sweaty.

I am getting giddy at the notion of meeting up at Yorktown.

Love to all!

7/28/2010 05:33:20 am

THANK YOU for the message - you all look happy, healthy and "almost there!"

This has been such a such a joy - can't wait to see you!!

Peace, Love and Happines,


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