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Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
The morning began with a search for the route.  We drove north from Hutchinson to get back on our route.  But we couldn't seem to get there.  An important bridge was out and we had to do some back road driving before we could find the the route in Bueler.  We popped out of the car only to be swarmed by mosquitoes.  No chance to check the tires or make any adjustments, just get away from the mosquitoes.
Good morning, reasonably cool, flat road and a gentle wind.
Within the first 10 miles we noticed a plane seemingly spraying crops.  It passed well over us a couple of times and we laughed about getting strafed.  Moments later we looked to our right and it was coming low right at us.  We both waved as it passed about 40 feet above us.  It was like a scene out of  North by Northwest.
As we rode through Newton, Kansas we met a rider heading west.  His bike was fully loaded.  We asked where he was headed and he said San Francisco.  We proudly told him that was where we had started.  Then we asked when he had started.  "Two years ago", he responded.  And then he listed all the places in the MidEast and Europe that he had ridden through.  As we rode off we felt rather insignificant.
As the day continued Pat several times attempted to achieve one his goals.  This achievement is to pet a cow.  We had just
got water from the van when Pat spotted some cows near the road behind a fence.  Pat was off the bike and headed for the fence.  I continued down the road a bit and waited, watched and rolled my eyes.  Suddenly he got the attention of a bull that started toward the fence.  We're not sure if he knows the difference, we've tried to give him some clues.
We we're all pretty excited for him.  But the bull had better things to do then get petted and turned away.
Later, he saw another cow near a fence, dismounted and started to the fence. Two steps toward the fence and the cow bolted.  When we get home I'm taking him to a petting zoo.
A few miles out of our destination the sky turned black and we saw several bolts of lightening.  We stopped and waited for the van.  Nobody jumped out to help us pack up.  Sal and Rod had their cameras pointed to the approaching storm and barely acknowledged us.  All they cared about was getting pictures of lightening.  Once more we felt rather insignificant.
Our wonderful support team turned into storm trackers.
Safe and dry in Eureka.
7/17/2010 00:19:07

Well, sounds like you ran into the western edge of the storm belt that went roaring through Midwest into the mid-Atlantic. Sal and Rod sound like want-to-be storm chasers. You are in the region for that... so you might want to keep one ear glue to the weather forecasts.

There is a buffalo/bison farm in Washington County, Michigan, where you can walk them walk around and they will come up to the fence to sniff people. Not quite a cow (a bit more, actually), but Pat can have the same experience.

Thinking good thoughts for all of you heading eastward.

7/17/2010 00:20:33

Oops... the part of the sentence "...where you can walk them walk around..." was supposed to read "... where you can watch them walk around..."

Barb (Pat's sister)
7/17/2010 05:09:18

Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying reading your blogs! The banter between the two of you is so funny! I don't think Pat could have found a better riding partner, you seem to bring out the best in each other. Can't forget Sal & Rod, what would the two of you do without them!!! Not much I suppose. :-) Take care & stay safe.


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