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Pat and I left at 6:30 this morning.  We had a flat road and a cool morning.  But as usual we had a steady wind out of the north east, so instead of cruising along between 18-20 mph we were knocked back to 14+mph.  It was a grind.
However, our objective for the day was to get to Hutchinson, Kansas.  We needed to each have a wheel worked on and get the van serviced.
The bike shop owner was great.  He made us a priority as cross country riders.  Pat's wheel was easily fixed but I had to have a specialty spoke.  He had to send to Wichita for the spoke.  While we waited for the repair we had the van serviced and wheels rotated.
We then drove 20 miles north to Sterling College, where I graduated  in 1961.  I had a nostalgic tour of the old campus and bought a few souvenirs.
Then it was back to the shop.  The owner had the wheel repaired and charged me little for the repair.  Pat and I had our picture taken with him outside his shop to post on our website.
Tomorrow we get very serious.  Lots of miles to go.
7/15/2010 09:07:21 pm

It is those unexpected moments of consideration and kindness that make a trip like yours so interesting. The bicycle repair man, in acting as he did, just showed that basic decency can be found anywhere, and that it doesn't have to come in huge amounts.

That is the lesson I am taking away from this day of your travels, my friend.

Love to Sal!


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