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will it ever be cool again?  We were on the road at 8:00 after having a breakfast at Sonic Burgers.  It was are only choice.
The first 61 miles were uneventful, arriving in Chanute.  We had lunch at McDonalds then went to WalMart to pick up some supplies.  It was already heating up. 
We put the bikes on the car at Walmarts and tried to find our route.  The main route had a bridge out.  We finally decided to ride South a few miles then catch a rode that went directly into Girard.  We were fine for a while and then the road turned to dirt, not good for skinny tires.  After about 4 miles we came to our direct road.  It was paved.  We had no assistance from the wind and just headed east.  It was a long, hot stretch.  Again, thank goodness for Rod and Sal.
Passing through St. Paul, KS I noticed a sign indicating 100 degrees.  Another 12 miles and I reached Girard at 101 miles for the day.  No motels in Girard so we
Very hot and tired.  A motel, a shower and a really nice steak dinner made the day palatable. 
Thats all I got, going to bed.

bonbon damnit
7/18/2010 13:27:14

The more I read , the more I begin to feel there is a "reality Show" that might be possible based on this trip. Don't laugh! If mothers can make money by producing extraordinary numbers of babies simultaneously, why wouldn't your trek be worth at least one season. Here's the gig. Two males set out in sweltering weather on bikes and have 100 miles per day as their goal. To round out the group, you see one male and one female who are also willing to go 100 miles per day IN A VAN! In addition, if the van crew is allowed to take pictures of storms and lightening, they will make between 30-40 stops per day to serve refreshments.
The two that are in the sun, non-stop, begin to show subtle signs of heat stroke.One throws away a bike part without even recognizing it any longer, and the other wants to pet cows! Listen, I am not making this up!
I think we have delightful pictures to add interest. Anyway, it's an idea. Have your people get back to my people. Season 2 could find the same brave group going from east coast to west coast with a film crew in tow!

7/19/2010 04:10:55

Actually, Bonnie has a pretty good idea. The is a natural narrative structure to what is taking place as you complete this journey. One hand there is you and Pat meeting the daily challenges. Then there is Sal and Rod in the support van. The differences in experience would be interesting to watch. If you were producing 18 1/2 hours programs, you could probably get two seasons out of it.

Wow, a reality show I might actually watch.

Love to all as you break the half-way point!

Carol Landry
7/19/2010 10:05:44

Hi Don and Team,
Please Do Not refer to yourself as "insignificant" - - this is an adventure filled with physical strenght and endurance, knowledge and skills in problem solving, creative photo journalism and a great sense of humor. You guys are Much Appreciated!


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