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Yesterday, Pat and I got on our bikes at our Williamsburg motel and began the final 15 miles of our journey to Yorktown, Virginia.  We once again had the support of Rod and Sal.  This time Pat's dad and Sal's and my good friend Roy Hunnert were in the van.  Pat's dad had driven all the way from Tennessee to see him finish his trip.  Roy drove down from Washington D.C. to be with us.
The ride along the Colonial Parkway offered a lot of mixed feelings.  I remembered this stretch from 32 years ago.  Two local riders had joined me and escorted me to the Yorktown Monument where my parents were waiting for my arrival.  This time Pat and I were escorted by friends and loved ones. We were both relieved and a bit sad.
As we rode along I kept waving my empty water bottle at the van but on this day they refused to give out any water or snacks for final few miles.
With about two miles to go we waved the van on to the monument where we were to finish.  And once again we all got lost at the finish.  Pat and I arrived at the monument and then had to call the van to direct them to  where we were. But it was only fitting.  We had lost each other so many times on the trip it wouldn't have been right to finish together.
We took a lot of pictures at the monument.  The monument is to the surrender of Lord Cornwallis' army to the combined American/French force that led to the American victory in the Revolutionary war.
From the monument Pat and I rolled down to the water for the final celebration.  The celebration included dipping our front wheels into the Atlantic and sharing a bottle of Champagne with all present.
Back to the motel for a shower, a hearty breakfast at Cracker Barrel, some hugs and handshakes and a long drive home.

This trip would not have been possible without the support of Rod and Sal.  Their unrelenting support and good cheer enabled the two "Prima Dona" riders to do their thing.  The following list of our complaints was compiled by Rod and Sal.
The final three items were their frequent response.
  1. The clock didn't work(when someone sleeps in)
  2. Didn't hear the alarm
  3. Heard the alarm but went back to bed
  4. Can't ride 'til the fog clears
  5. Can't ride through a sandstorm
  6. Forgot my riding gloves
  7. The mirror fell off(my helmet mirror)
  8. Can't ride today, my legs hurt
  9. Lost a spoke
  10. My tires low
  11. The van needs straightening up
  12. Support team is too far ahead
  13. Chocolate milk not chocolately enough
  14. Breakfast not good enough-no waffles
  15. Can't ride-tired
  16. I can't eat another Fig Newton
  17. Waters not cold enough
  18. Our support team not supportive enough
  19. Too cold
  20. Too hot
  21. Too humid
  22. Too wet
  23. Too dry
  24. Wrong jacket, I wanted the lighter yellow jacket
  25. Can't find it-its back in the luggage
  26. Phone call from Pat and Don,”Where are you guys, we're 133 Second Street”
  27. Plug it into the Garmin
  28. Wet wipes? Paper towel? Pass up my glasses(Don)
  29. My back hurts(Pat)
  30. I've got a cramp(both)
  31. Haven't got it today
  32. We've got dog problems
  33. Up, down, up, down, I hate this
  34. The levee was too flat

  35. From the van...”Suck it up Nancy”
  36. From the van,”You're not going to die, keep pedaling”
  37. From the van, “Put your big girl Panties on”
Thanks to all of you that followed our journey.
GE\rry and Sue
8/4/2010 06:58:04 am


Sue O
8/4/2010 10:29:52 am

Congrats! Hope you're up for cards on Saturday-here. You pick the dinner location.

8/4/2010 10:02:59 pm

It's about time you got done!! Just joking! Congratulations with your ride. This has been a very hot summer so it had to be double tough. Me & Cam can't wait to see you


8/7/2010 12:53:39 am

8/7/2010 01:05:53 am

Sorry--I started to enter a comment and then hit the wrong button.
Congratulations to all who return home-- the warriors and the riders! Some groupings of people are very unique because each member needs every other member working as a team.
The list of excuses was a hoot!
Thanks for the web site--it allowed us to keep track AND see the scenery.

8/14/2010 09:52:42 am

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wish I had of been following this trip in 'real time.' It would have made my summer much more....adventurous! Next time..maybe your 75th?? - please let me know!! Maybe Nina could be your riding partner. Just TRY to keep up with her! : )


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