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Hot ride today.  We did 100(102) at 100 degrees.  Not much to see today other than dry grass and cattle.  The wind was out of the south west so we had a nice boost off our right shoulders.  The road was mostly flat.  I started out moderately after yesterdays push for speed.  Pat who had suffered a sore back couldn't hold back and roared off into the distance.  We met up at the Kansas border for pictures.  He had been averaging 20 mph to my 18.5.
Earlier in the morning I heard a funny clink on a rough road.  I circled back to see if anything had fallen off the bike.  I did see a long piece of metal but it wasn't anything off my bike...I thought. 
From the state line Pat and I rode together into Tribune, Kansas.  As I took my turn for a pull, breaking the wind for the rear rider, Pat noticed a severe wobble in my rear wheel.  When we reached Tribune for lunch Rod noticed that I had a missing spoke...remember the long piece of metal in the road?
Fortunately, Pat (He wants me to call him savior) had the spare set of wheels.  I popped his rear wheel on my bike.  Unfortunately, the gears don't match up well and my range of usable gears was limited.  I was lucky that the road was mostly flat.
Pat arrived in Scott City with a riding time of four hours and fifty nine minutes, a 20 mph .  My ride time was 15 minutes longer.
It was a very hot ride and without Sal and Rod keeping our water bottles full and cold it would have been a miserable ride.
With 8 miles to go I was on the edge of mild nausea.  That was the perfect time to pass a large cattle holding area.  Wow were they ripe!
Saw a lot of other transcontinental riders today.  We felt a little bad for them riding, loaded into a stiff hot wind.  Been there and done that.  I like our Super support team this time.

Sue Orosey
7/13/2010 09:00:54

first just checking if i can get this to work

Sue Orosey
7/13/2010 09:07:38

We have been following your progress daily. Gee, it sounds like fun (not really). Haven't played any cards since you left so anxious for you to get home. Bill and I have been working on my sewing room. He's redoing the textured ceiling. I'm painting and need to look for new carpeting. Going to work on one room at a time. Other than that, not much happening here. Going to visit Nick in August and spend a day in DC. I was last there in 3rd grade. Glad your ride is going well. Looks like you're about half way? Sal needs to tell what her day is like. Enjoy and keep safe. Sue

7/13/2010 21:40:42

Donald, you have told me in the past that you are rather frugal (some would say cheap... I am cheap, so I know whereof I speak), but to hold onto a tire until it is falling apart!?! My question is whether you felt any wobbling or any difference in the ride of your bike. It doesn't appear as if you did from your blog entry.

I now have this mental image of you walking into Virginia carrying bits and pieces of your bike.

Hello, Sal, love! If I had to choose between handing someone a bottle of cold water or receiving the bottle, I just want to say I don't mind wet hands as long as the wind is blowing into the window.

7/13/2010 22:35:52

Hi Don and Sal. I haven't been able to write since Sue is working me to the bone. Sounds like your trip has been quite adventurous. Looking at the map it first appeared you were riding south(no wonder it's taking you so long) but when i enlarged i saw you were heading east on 96. Watch out for those maniacs doing 85! LOL anyway nice photos. If it's not too much to ask i have an elderly aunt, about your age, who lives just south of wichita and if you could stop by and say hello for me it would really be sweet of you and really make her day. Good luck with the weather, road conditions, hopefully your parts will all stay intact (bike parts) and I'll have a cold one for you. Keep up the good work, Sal!

7/14/2010 00:30:46

Hi Don and Sal,
I left a comment on your cell phone Sunday 'cause I didn't figure out until later that I just click on "comments" to reply - - sorry. The pictures continue to be spectacular - - transcontinental riders is a very impressive title!! WOW, YOU all rule!

7/14/2010 04:54:11

Hi Don and Sal,
This is a good day for you, hot or not! I'm sure you will love all the mail. Did you get your spoke replaced, and where could that take place? I don't know if my second message went through about the pictures from week3, but they were excellent. Who mans the camera? Continue having a great time in this unbelievable way that you have chosen. Love to both. Dammit BB


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