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Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
We are getting stronger.  Our 108 miles yesterday carried us over four passes ranging from 7700 feet to 7100 feet.  We were pretty pleased with ourselves.  We battled some heavy winds.
Today we managed 42 miles before surrendering to the wind.  In all my years of riding I have never encountered anything like them.  The winds came powerfully out of the south and our road led us south east mile after  mile.  We climbed two mountains only to be dangerously blown from side to side on the descent.  Road rash at 35 mph can be very painful. As we descended into the valleys we would have had to pass through sandstorms.
So the decision was made to pack up the bikes and go to Cedar City.  This is supposed to a fun ride.  Without the wind it would have been an easy and pleasant.  With the wind it was grueling and dangerous.

Comment:  Regarding Pat the Younger(but still older than 75% of America's population)
If you read his blog comment about me trying to get to one of the summits before him you will appreciate my side of the story.  Okay, I can't keep up with Pat.  But yesterday,  I noticed I was closing a big gap on our third summit.  Slowly as we approached the summit I thought I might just take a chance and blow by him.  He slowed to talk to Rod who was parked near the summit.  With one big senior effort I shot past him,  I might have said something inappropriate as I was going by, I can't remember.  Pat woke up to what was happening and screamed,"This is not going to happen" and blew by me to the summit.
I'm sure Pat is the kind of guy who would go to the senior center and steal thet walkers.

Damnit Bonnie
7/3/2010 07:19:36

Your pictures are fantastic, and I love the blogs because I can appreciate your experiences and enjoy the spirit of the banter between you and your friends. When I read about the heat and sandstorms, I felt the you 'peddlers' deserve either purple hearts or psychiatric evaluations---maybe both! Of course, I'm kidding and wish you well during every inch of this astonishing endeavor. You will get an email from me via Blue Mountain which is a secure site. Love to sal.


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