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Torrey, Utah  to Glen Canyon.
Left our motel this morning and rode into Capitol Reef National Park.  Capitol Reef, discovered by the Mormons in the 1880s, is an oasis in a beautiful red rock valley,   It was a pleasant ride following along the Fremont River.  At about 45 miles we left the area and headed south towards Glen Canyon.  A very hot ride finally got us into the Lake Powell area of Glen Canyon.  Again more beautiful rock formations but this time we were able to see some of the bays of Lake Powell.
After ninety miles we hopped in the van to go off the route and view some interesting natural bridges and then on to Blanding, Utah for the night.  Tomorrow will be an off day with visits to Monument Valley,
Nervous beginning this morning.  Right out of Cedar City a sign proclaimed,"8% grade next 15 miles".  That for the most part would be unrideable for me.  Fortunately, there were only a few 8% inclines.  For the most part the climb was between 4% and 6%, rideable but still a slow grind.  For those who don't know about bike gearing, our bikes have a three chain rings in front and 9 in the back.  This allows to have a lot of gear choices(27 to be exact, although many overlap).  Climbing in our lowest gear means were on the smallest chain ring in front (called "Granny") and the largest gear in back.  We look like spinning egg beaters as we climb.
The climb was actually a relief from riding into the gusting winds yesterday.  Our reward was the spectacular views of Cedar Break National Monument, stunning red cliffs which will best be appreciated in our pictures.  The descent was fun on lightly trafficked roads with my speeds reaching 40+ mph. I know fearless Pat let it fly.  Later in the day we passed through beautiful Red Rock Canyon, zooming past the entrance to Bryce Canyon.  Because of the big weekend, we were forced to drive back to Panguitch, Utah for a motel.  Tomorrow we'll take a brief tour through Bryce Canyon before resuming our ride in Tropic, Utah.
Thank you all for posting comments.  It's fun to hear from you.
7/5/2010 09:34:55 pm

Hello Don, Sal, Pat and Rod(?):

Sounds like you are traveling through some truly beautiful parts of the country. I've never been to Utah, so I will live vicariously through your adventures, blog posts and photos.

We are baking out here on the east coast (DC). Over 100 yesterday, today, tomorrow and ad infinitum. You may find things heating up the further east you head. Please bring some cool weather my way when you head into Virgina near the end of your trip.

Don: Got your call. Thanks for the message. I was sitting out in the shade, sipping iced tea and playing my uke when you called.

Love and good wishes to all!

Dan H
7/6/2010 01:01:52 am

Love the website. Google Latitude is working like a champ. Sounds like all goes well -- keep up the good work. Great pictures.


Bonbon Damnit
7/6/2010 11:37:26 am

Hope you had a restorative and fun day off. When I traveled through the part of the country where you are now ,I felt like I was on another planet at times. Of course that was during a previous lifetime. Thanks for taking us along on this trip! Love to Sal--tell her to text me unless it causes her head to explode.


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