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Finally at the end of the Western Express portion of our ride.  The highlight of the day was a side trip to the Royal Gorge.  The day began with Rod and Sal dropping us off where we had left off last night.  Instead of following our regular route which involved a steep climb, we decided to follow the Arkansas River until we came to the cutoff for Royal Gorge.  We loaded up the bikes and played tourist.  Royal Gorge is a deep Canyon the Arkansas River cut.  It's spanned by the highest suspension bridge in America, 1056 feet.  There is an inclined railway that goes to the bottom and an aerial tramway that crosses the Gorge.  We did them all.  We then drove into Canon City for lunch. van.  Sal Pat and I hopped onto the bikes for the final 37 miles to Pueblo.  Again weather ganged up on us and a heavy wind storm hit us from the side making it unsafe to ride.  The wind was quickly followed by a heavy rain which we avoided by loading up the bikes.
My feeling were shattered once again while loading up the bikes.  Rod spotted a dead rattle snake in the road by the van. Sal got out to take picture and Pat commented,"That dead snake could climb a mountain faster than you."  The weather and steep mountains are bad enough but to be treated with such disrespect is hurtful.  I never say anything nasty to Pat.  Tomorrow is our day off and we play tourist in Colorado Springs.
7/12/2010 09:16:13

I wonder what Pat will be doing during his 71st year. Will it be riding up the side of the Rocky Mountains? Probably not. Then again, how many times has he ridden across the US or to Alaska? Not many, I would assume.

Hence, Don, your list of achievements sets you apart from most others. I tell people of your current adventure with a sense of mixed awe and pride. It is usually reflected on the face of the listener. You are far, far from being a dead snake.

Give my love to Sal!

Bonbon Damnit
7/12/2010 14:56:50

Yea, I think Roy has it exactly right! Let's face it, the van could cross the country,up mountains and down, in three or so days, but speed is not the point.Just maintain at your desired rate, and factor in that one person's joke is not always universal. You are now, and always have been, my only friend who would even consider a coast to coast trip without benefit of a plane.The endeavor blows my mind.
Tell Sal that I loved having a giggle with her on the phone, and miss her this much.I..............I

7/12/2010 14:58:53


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