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Haven't been able to get on the past few days.
It has been very hot.  Left Girard, Ks Sunday early headed for Missouri..  Easy morning ride as we passed into Missouri.   Then the steep hills began.  At about fifty miles I had my first road flat of the trip.  I called the van.  They brought the pump.  I changed tube pumped the tire and continued.  I made about 8 more miles and the tire blew with a loud pop.  With no more tubes ( short sighted, poor planning) Rod and Sal had to pick me up and take me to where Pat had stopped.
After some lunch we started out and did about twenty miles.  With the sun beating down and the temp round 100 degrees we called it quits on a steep hill, one of many.  A chance of over heating was very possible.  There were lots of heat warnings for the area on the weather channel.
Monday we were up early in Marshfield, Missouri.  We started up a steep hill and then it leveled off for awhile.  Again we hit lots of hills..  Missouri is like a wrinkled sheet.  You never get very high but the climbs are steep.  When you get to the top you usually rocket down a steep incline, head over a bridge and then start up again.
Despite the terrain, we were able to maintain a steady pace and finished the day in Salem, Missouri with 102 miles for the day.
As usual we couldn't have done it without our support team.  Racing down a steep incline is pleasant and cooling.  But grinding up sweat pores off you and you overheat.  Sal and Rod buy a 24 pack of bottled water every day and every day we just about go through them.  This does not count the multitude of gatorades and occasional pop.  We end each ride with an eight ounce chocolate milk.  Two bags of ice keep our liquids cool.
Today we left Salem early to ride to Farmington, Mo.  Same as usual, hills and more hills.  I began to hate fast downhills because that meant a long grindy climb. We got into Farmington before 2:00 with 79 miles.  We had planned to stop but it was early.  Pat suggested we leave town to make it a 100 for the day but come back to a motel in town.
I foolishly agreed.  We had a steady climb out of town before it changed to gentle rollers.  At mile 96 we sailed down a steep incline, hoping to roll through our 100.  No way, at the bottom we started up the steepest climb of the day.  Rod and Sal met us at what we thought was the top.  We grabbed some cold water and started on.  Around the bend was the continuation of the climb.  This time the summit was the last and we pleasantly rolled through our 100 miles.
Tonight's restaurant was in the motel.  A special was a beer sampler, six four ounce glasses.  Not a good idea on a dehydrated biker. Pat and Rod were very kind in helping me find my room.
Tomorrow we cross the Mississippi into Illinois.
7/21/2010 04:11:57

As I am reading this day's entry, the childrens' song "The Wheels on the Bus" started playing in the back of my head. If one were riding in say, oh, a van, it might feel like that where a person riding say, ah, a bicycle might find it a it torturous. However, once again I sit in my nice air conditioned office marveling at your endeavor, Donald. I hope when I am your age I can make it to the top of a flight of stairs!

Once more I really felt as though I were along for the ride. I've truly enjoyed this on-going narrative and can't thank you enough for creating this blog.

Hi, Sal! Keep the water flowing!

7/21/2010 06:52:00

I am very entertained by your blogs.. Here is a tid-bit you don't know. JULY 31st is Rods 52nd birthday! Make sure to give him a birthday kiss for me!!!


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