Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club

Eureka, NV to Baker, NV

Rode 108 miles today and up and over 4 mountain summits.  Today, the winds were against us the whole time and we rode into a headwind for 90 of the 108 miles.  Althought we are feeling stronger as each day goes by, we are not able to make the speeds we would like since we are fighting these headwinds.  It took us 8 hours for the ride and that is about 1.5 hours longer than it should have, but what can you do?  We just put our heads down, said a few foul words and continued to pedal. 

We were feeling sorry for ourselves as we went to dinner and then we met two guys who are doing the same ride we are but they are fully-self supported.  They were only able to get 30 miles in today compared to our 108.   Our sympathies switched over to them, after hearing how thier trip is going.  

I think we got some good photographs today, but I am to tired to load them on the computer--their will be coming soon.

Very tired and going to bed!

On a side note:  Don, the Elder rider of the two, decided that he wanted to take me on again today.  He felt that since I had slowed down to talk with Rod about an issus, he would use this time to launch himself up the last 300 feet of the mountain and win bragging rights.  I could not let that happen, so I jumped on my pedals and powered past him to the top of the summit all the while he is yelling at me .  It was a fun game we play as a way to relieve some of the bordom of the loniliest

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