Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Colorado Springs, CO

Today was a scheduled day off as we let our legs recupperate from the mountains of the "Western Express" part of the ride.   This section was much harder than we expected becuase we were trying to do 100 miles  a day and that is just not feasable in these mountains.  If we were not on a time schedule, we could have easily done each and every mile of this section but in shorter amounts (40 miles per day average).  Still doing 1200 miles in the 17 days was very rewarding and the plus was we got to see many more sites than expected.

Today, we  spent the day in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy, Olympic Training Center, Garden of the Gods and the Broadmoor Hotel.  All interesting and vastly different tourist sites.  Pictures to follow in the next few days.

I have a college friend who lives out here and was hoping to see him but it did not pan out due to his work and family schedule.   Pretty disappointed about that becuase it is not to often we get to see one another, but I will be back here next year with the kids..so we will catch up then.

Tomorrow, if the weather gods work with us, we plan on trying for a quick 100 miles.  They say the easterly winds and slow decline in elevation into Kansas can make for a fun ride.  Hopefully we will get that chance tomorrow.
7/12/2010 13:13:53

Happy to hear that you were able to give your butts & legs a rest. :0) I've enjoyed all the pix, but the ones of the animals are my favorites. We definitely don't see those kind of animals here in Ohio. I especially like the house at the top of the cliff in Telluride. What an awesome view they must have!!! Do you know who lives there? Looking forward to your next blog & pix. Stay safe!!! Love ya XOXO

Mary Lou
7/12/2010 13:49:32

Hey, Darlin’…how the heck are ya? I'm sorry I haven't written but, to be honest, I didn't know I could. I read your blog everyday on my cell phone, not my computer, and you can’t see the comment area. This is the first time I’ve actually been on my computer in 2 weeks….scary, eh. And you know me with pictures, I love all of them; I’ve showed them to everyone.

What a way to travel the country, Patrick…I envy you! Well, I do envy you, except for the riding a bike 100 miles a day part (lol)!!! I can’t wait to meet you in Kentucky with the kids; and, no, we will be on 4 wheels, not 2! That’s a scary thought, eh? Do Trevor and Mack even know we’re coming to Kentucky? You’ll have to kinda give me a time frame, when you know.

I love you, little bro….stay safe!


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