Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Ridgeway, Co to Gunnison, CO

Got an early start this morning, with the easy ride from Ridgeway to Montrose before we started the climb over two peaks on our way to Gunnison.  We were able to make the two peaks but on the way down the second peak, the skies once again, opened up and the rain and lightening started....I don't do lightening.  So in the van we went and rode in style to Gunnison.  This evening, we took it easy, by cleaning our bikes and taking care of any little issues we had so that we are ready for tomorrow.  The biggest mountain we will climb on this whole trip happens tomorrow with us scaling the 11,300 foot Monarch Pass.  After that it is a few days riding into Pueblo, CO and our day off for sightseeing in Colorado Springs. 

Don't forget that Don owes you fifty cents. :-)


I see somebody is having the time of their lives. Great stories and amazing pictures. Don't pet the bull, slap it on the hinny and make your escape!

I'm doing my part here keeping everyone on our block busy. Our neighbors have confirmed my house is haunted. My garage door opened and closed on its own, repeatedly, throughout the day on Monday, July 5th while I was away. Mike and Loretta walked over to try to fix it but the garage tried to eat them. I have since fixed it but I don't expect I'll be getting visitors from across the street anytime soon...strange things seem to happen my way.

Keep pedaling!


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