Day Four: Ouch - Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Stayed in Mindon, NV

This morning we wanted to get an early start on the ride but had to backtrack 50 miles to get to the starting point.  We found out the hard way there are not many hotels/motels in this area!  We left the hotel at 4am inorder to get on the bikes by 6am.  Once we got riding, I noticed that I was getting a hotspot while on the saddle and found that the stitching busted and is now causing a painful rub that I have to get resolved ASAP, so that I can continue to ride without any discomfort (I know to much information).

The whole ride was a 7% grade with a few 12% grades thrown in just to irritate us.  It was  a day of grinding up hill and we climbed 8,190 feet during the ride.  Ouch. The first 53 miles were all uphill and then the last 27 were downhill or level which was a good reward for the effort we put in all morning.  I was able to get up to 45.3mph on the downhill which was fun, but I then started to think about tires blowing out or brakes not working, so I decided to slow down before I became a statistic.
Hoping for a level ride tomorrow!

I have received a few emails asking what I eat on a day like this, so here is the listing:

Waffle with sryup
Bowl of Captain Crunch Cereal
1 cup of apple juice
1 cup of O.J.
Cheese Danish

During Ride:
4 Power Gels (chocolate or Straw/Bananna)
3 cans of V8 Juice  for the sodium and potassium
3 water bottles of water
3 water bottles of gatorade
1 lunchable (Ham and Cheese)
1 capri sun drink
1 Milky Way bar
3 pickles and juice (sodium)
1 box of raisins
1 twinkie

After Ride:
1 bottle of Chocolate Milk
1 can of Coke
1 box of raisins

Farmers Omlete
2 pieces of Rye toast with butter
1 large order of hashbrowns
2 large glasses of water with extra lemon slices

As you can see, I eat alot but I am burning a lot of calories on these rides...the dinner is really "feeding the machine" for the next day.
6/28/2010 09:44:54

Pat, enjoy being updated on your trip! And 45mph is pushing it a little too much. You will think hot spot if you crash. Keep us informed.


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