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Delores,  CO to Ouray, CO

Started the day off early and got on the bikes at 6:45am to make the climb up and over Lizard Head Pass and down through Telluride, Co, Ridgeway, CO to Ouray, CO.

As we neared the top of Lizard Head Pass the dark clouds came in, thunder rolled around the mountain tops and we picked up our pace to get over the pass and down into Telluride.  We almost made it before the skies opened up and the weather turned bad.   It became quite cold and our downhill wet ride incorporated very cold temps and freezing hands.  Not good when you are doing 40mph downhill on skinny tires:)

Telluride is a nice ski town with a lot of rich people.   The main street is set up nice with many little niche stores but what really stands out in this town are the beautiful houses on the mountainside.  I fell in love with a few houses but the lowest started at 1.2 million dollars.  A little too much for my salary. 

The weather never let up and we decided to ride in the van the rest of the way down to Ridgeway, CO.  Thankfully it was the right choice as we saw a few vehicles having a hard time navigating their way down the mountain in the rain.  Tourists, mountain roads, rain and rubbernecking are not good combinations.  Once in Ridgeway, we had the choice of heading to Montrose for lodging or showing off Ouray, CO to Sal and Rod.  Don and I had been through this little town two years ago on our training rides and fell in love with the little town. It is like Telluride but without the big money walking around.   Once in town, we stayed at the Antler's Motel where we met a the owner/operator, who is a teacher in Florida, during the school year, but comes up here with the family during the summer month's. 

I must tell you that I had the best BBQ Ribs EVER at the Billy Goat Bistro next to the hotel.  When you are as hungry as we are after a day of riding; most food is pretty good but this was three steps above the rest and I said as much on TripAdvisor.

Tomorrow, we start week three of our trip and we have ridden 1,00o miles so far in the 12 days of riding.  Pretty good for a couple of old farts:)

7/8/2010 04:07:18

Your pictures are beautiful. Sounds like you are having fun and not all work. That part of the country was just on tv. It showed the ski areas in winter, they sure get a lot of snow. Those ribs sound good. Looked on the map and you are going to see some more nice area before you leave CO. Stay safe
Mom & Dad


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