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Today is the final day of the trip.  We will be riding out of Williamsburg and taking the Colonial Parkway, the 13 miles to Yorktown, VA and the Atlanticocean.  As Don and I ride these last miles, our support team of Rod and Sal, along with my father, and a friend of Don/Sal's, Roy, will follow along, take pictures  and help us celebrate the ending of this long but enjoyable journey across the U.S.

I will fnish the blog from home with my final thoughts and pictures of the trip.  Goodbye for now.

Finally home after a 600 mile drive from Yorktown, VA. 

It was a celebration on the beach as we dipped our front tires in the Atlantic ocean.  Although it was only 8:30 in the morning, we toasted our completion of the journey with Champange and gave hugs to all those around us.  It was emotional for both Don and I as we realized our journey was complete and that we had a accomplished a feat that not many people can ever say they have done--more so for Don in the fact that this is his forth time across the country.

Here are some of the final numbers for the trip:

Mileage:  2, 871 
Time:  197 hours 29 minutes
Avg Pace:  4.09 mph
Avg Speed:  14.4mph
Max Speed:  51.4mph
Calories Burned:  169,864
Avg Heart Rate:  137
Max Heart Rate:  249

Becky Rumph
8/3/2010 05:47:41

Congrats Pat!! What an amazing journey. Thanks for blogging, we have been following it here at the office! Have a safe trip home.

Greg Fisher
8/3/2010 09:54:18

Congratulations Pat! The pictures have been amazing. I have enjoyed following your progress. The wine coolers are on me when you and Rod get back. Great job

8/4/2010 17:29:47

Pat, congratulations on finishing your journey. I looked forward to your updates on the trip. You should be very proud to put your name on the list of people that have also completed the ride!

8/11/2010 19:37:50

I bet it's so nice to be back home :) Have you been able to look at your bike since you got back? I know I wouldn't be able to. Lol.


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