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Baker, NV to Cedar City, Utah

We started out the day with headwinds and ended the day with headwinds.  We were happy to get out of Nevada with the hope we would leave the winds behind but that did not happen:(  We fought all day with 20 mph headwinds and gusts up to 45mph (pictures will tell the story).   In two spots, we could not ride because it was dangerous; the sidewinds started up and the blowing caused us to move across the highway and the sandstorms caused brownout conditions on the highway (pictures will tell the story).  I took video of the winds and sandstorm and hope to post them once I figure out how to do that.

Last night, in Baker, NV, we met two guys, John and Gustavus (spelling??) who were also doing part of the route we are doing, so we talked for awhile and shared stories until dinner was done and it was time for bed.  This morning, they left earlier than us because they were fully loaded with gear and wanted to get a good start on the day.  We caught up with them about 24 miles into the ride and they were doing a great job going up the hills but I would never want to go fully loaded-across the country--at least this route!  We cheered them on up the hill, wished them luck and continued on our journey.  I can only hope they were able to make it through the dangerous winds and sandstorms.

One funny thing did happen today and that was an almost wreck with two calves (baby cows) that I scared out of the ditch.  I was looking to my left and saw two large cows right next to the road and slowed down in the hopes they would come over to me, but I never saw the babies and they bolted across the road and caused me to go 'off roading' into the ditch and back up onto the street.  After I passed, Don came along and all four cows were in the road and it was a mexican standoff in Utah.  I was laughing as Don tried to figure out a way to get by the cows.  Finally they all moved on and Don was allowed to pass.

This afternoon we made the decision to catch the van into cedar city vs. continue to struggle against the dangerous winds.  It was a hard decision, becuase we both felt good and would have loved to ride some of these beautiful mountain passes, but safety comes before pride in a situation like this. 

I was able to get a new bike seat although I am not real happy since the selection was very minimal but I hope it will finally resolve the chafing issue!
Tammy Findlay
7/8/2010 02:28:12 am

Hi Pat;

This goes out to Rod, Great job on the journaling and pictures there awesome. You all Rock!!!!!!!! I think Debbie and I will run across America next summer LOL BE SAFE


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