Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Coalpile, CO to Pueblo, CO  (1589 miles completed)

Today was an easy ride. We rode mostly downhill from Coalpile to the Royal Gorge; took time out to play tourist and then road from Canon City to the outskirts of Pueblo.  We would have ridden further but a nasty little storm showed up and we had to dive into the van to escape the rain. 

Tomorrow is a day off and we will be in Colorado Springs seeing the sites and visiting with one my college friends; then on Monday, we are heading for Kansas.
Loretta Swan
7/11/2010 14:05:44

Pat so enjoying your pictures and blog. Do any of the animals approach you while you are riding by? The bridge is beautiful did you cross it? Looking forward to continue your journey with you. Stay safe!


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