Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Owensboro, KY to Sonora, KY

Our 80 mile trip today was pretty uneventful but had some beautiful scenery as we rolled through the countryside of Kentucky.  We headed into the pastures and farmlands of mid-kentucky with the hopes of easy hills and cooler temperatures and were only blessed with one of the two wishes....easy hills.  The temps continued to rise and in the last mile of the ride, the bank sign said 97 degrees.  The news said there was a heat index of 105 again today.  This is becoming commonplace and we are taking measures to made sure we do not overheat.  We are going through 8-12 waterbottles a day in addition to the fluids we take in at b-fast, lunch and dinner.  I must not forget to add that my back tire blew apart today...the tube was fine, but the actual tire split apart which makes for a bumpy ride.   I was able to put on an older tire that I had brought along for just such an incident but I do not feel comfortable riding these tires for the rest of the trip.  I called my bike store in Rochester, KLM Bike and Fitness, and bought two new tires.  They will be sent down with my sister on Sunday, so I can ride without worries to finish the trip.

We are in Elizabethtown, KY tonight since there was no place to stay in Sonora and this is the home of Abe Lincoln's birthplace.  After showers, we went and visited the memorial and log cabin of Abe's birth and then went to dinner.  I wonder if people will go visit Crittenden Hospital, as "my birthplace," after I am gone.  Maybe there will be a plaque on the wall outside the birthing room:)

We are in an area rich in history (i.e. Bardstown--The Stephen Foster Story and the Jim Beam Distillery; some other town--Maker's Mark Distillery).  As luck would have it, we actually go through Bardstown tomorrow and will be stopping by the Jim Beam Distillery.  Remember, I said it is important to keep fluids in our bodies--we will try again tomorrow:)

We ate at the Texas Outlaw resturant tonight.  They are national award winners for the best bbque ribs and pulled pork.   The trophies are all over the dining room and many of them are for 1st place.  I would have to agree that the ribs would be high on my list as the best.  I think what hit the spot thou was the Turtle Cheese cake for dessert:)  My daughter, Mackenzie, will be highly aggitated at me for eating ribs without her.  She is a true meat eater who would have dived in face first to the rack of ribs. 

Looking forward to seeing my sisters, parents and my kids on Sunday.  They are coming to visit us in Berea, KY while we take our last full day off before the final 750 miles. 
sarah ashbaugh
7/24/2010 17:34:11

Hey Pat, Im happy you get to see your family this week! I know the kids miss you!!! Hope you get to spend quality time with everyone and it gives you some positive memories to push you through the rest of the trip!!!
Keep it up!
Love Sarah


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