Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Berea, Ky to Hazard, Ky

Today started with having to say good bye to my kids.  This was really tough.  Mackenzie was pretty good but Trevor is the sensitive one and he did not want me to leave.  He started crying and that got Mack crying which caused me to shed some tears. 

When we finally were out the door, I was/am ready to get this section of the trip complete.  We had planned on 100 miles today and were able to get in 90 before the traffic on one of the roads was so bad that we decided to call it for safety reasons.  The weather finally gave us a break and we rode in the mid 80's today with occasional rain showers.  This we did not mind after all the hot weather we have been dealing with over the past few weeks. 

In one area that we stopped for a snack, we met a very nice guy (Principal at Jefferson County Middle School) who spoke with us for a long while about our trip, training, and the route we were taking...it seems quite a few TransAmerica bike riders ride by his house.  After our visit, it was off to finish today's ride and get our minds back in the game.  Rest days are nice, but it can be hard to get motivated again. 

New tires are working out well.  KLM set me up with some tires that are made for long distance training and today was a good test as we rode on some of the rockiest, broken pavement roads yet on the trip.  Once in Hazard, we got a hotel just as the main storm came in and caused a power outage.  Thankfully that did not last long and we were able to end the day on a good note (di

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