Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Ozara, MO to Carbondale, IL

Today's ride was nothing special.  Both of us had tired legs today and thankfully there were not to many hills.  We did cross the Mississippi river today into Chester, Il; which is the hometown of Popeye--at least the man who created Popeye.

Don had some trouble with tires today and my gears were not shifting correctly, so once in town we visited a few bike stores and got things fixed.  My cables were stretched a bit and the chain needed to be replaced so  I hope it will shift a lot better.

Probably, the worst thing about today is the hotel..we know understand to check out the full hotel before getting rooms.  We also know no to stay in a hotel that offers 'weekly rates.'   The people staying here are at the low end of the food chain and enjoy it!

Tomorrow we ride through the rest of Illinois and into Kentucky.

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