Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Pittsburg, KS to Marshfield, MO

Don and I got up early to try and get in as many miles as possible to beat the heat that we knew was coming today.  The problem was that Kansas is in the middle of an extreme heatwave and the temps were going to be hot.  Well, it was and we battled most of the day with 100 degree temps and a heat index of 110 degrees:(  We were able to put in 84 miles before we finally said that it was crazy and we were going to go into heat exhuastion by continuing.  It was a good thing we stopped becuase it too a few hours for Don and I to get our core body temp down but we were still pretty tired and did not updated the blog.  Sorry about that for you addicted followers:)Don was the unlucky rider of the day with two flat tires.   I felt bad becuase it was so hot out and we normally only carry one spare tire, so he ha
We  were starting to get into the ozarks and the rolling hills that we are riding on are a telling sign of what is to come.
7/20/2010 08:01:10 am

I didn't know what an addicted follower I was until you didn't write a blog. I know that a lot of people read your blog everyday. But there I was, at LEAST once an hour checking your blog to see what you had been up to that day. As it got later and later, and still no blog, I started to get worried about you. Sometime around 9pm I called you, no answer. I checked to see if you'd blogged yet, nope! Now, I'm literally on the verge of a heart attack, or a panic attack, or some kind of a horrible attack. Im saying things like "if Pat is just out having fun, I'm going to kill him". Like God forbid you have some actual fun and leave us hanging like that! lol Needless to say, I was SOOOO happy to finally see that you were okay. Even though you and Don had had a horrible day, I was relieved!

I know, I know, I need to get a life! :o) But, for now, no matter what I do, it doesn't seem to be as exciting as following your adventures across the USA. So, I think I'll wait until my little brother is safely home.

I hope you can get a break in the weather so you can get back to enjoying the ride, instead of just enduring it.

Stay safe! I love you!!!


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