Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Larned, KS to Hutchinson, KS

Today, Don and I got an early start after the thunderstorms cooled everything down during the night.   We were on the bikes just a little past sunrise and rode directly East on county road 96 forever...We knew our final goal for the day was going to be Hutchinson, KS becuase there was a full service bike shop called Harleys who was going to look at our wheels and see if they could fix Don's broken spoke. 

Bob, the owner of Harley's, was great in helping get Don back on the road.  Bob did not have the specific spoke in stock but called a buddy of his in Wichita and they did.  Bob got somebody to drive the spoke over to his store and replaced it for Don.  Bob also took the time to look at my front wheel and take care of some creaking noises that I did not care for...and no, the creaking noises were not from my knees!

So here is a shout-out to HARLEY'S Bicycles in Hutchinson, KS:   www.harleysbicycles.com   YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!

Once the wheels were in for repair, we got a hotel, cleaned up and took a trip down memory lane with Don.  He went to college out here in Sterling, KS; at Sterling  C0llege.  It is a small college where he was a big man on campus being active on the school paper as a sports writer and playing on the baseball team.  It was cool to see him relieve some fond memories, at least the ones he could remember since next year it will be 50 years since he graduated from Sterling. 

After the trip down memory lane and getting our wheels back we ate a hearty dinner and are turning in early.  We have some mileage to make up the next few days since we needed to take care of business today. 

Thank you for all the comments.  It is enjoyable reading what you all think about the ride and the pictures we are taking.  Keep the comments coming.
7/15/2010 10:55:00

Sound like you had a fun day at the college with Don. Glad that you were able to get the tires and wheels fixed. We watch the weather ahead of you each night. More heat on the way. I will be in Indiana for Larry's mom's funeral on Sunday & Monday. Mom will be here. Will be back Mon. night. I work the next 2 days. Stay safe, have fun. Mom & Dad

7/15/2010 19:52:59

Hey Pat this is Ryan from KLM, this trip looks amazing! Thanks so much for keeping us all updated. Sorry to hear about the saddle, but glad I didn't read of any other major pains. Just want to remind you that if you want me to order and mail anything out to you I'm happy to do so. Keep rocking!!


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