Old Flying Farts Bicycling Club
Total Distance:  600 miles
total time44 hrs, 49 minutes
avg pace:  4:31 per mile
avg speed:  13.3mph
Max Speed:  47
calories burned:  34058
avg hrt rate:  147
Max Hrt Rate:  250
Total Adcent:  30725ft

You know you should never ride your bike in the hotel room. Serves you right that you got a flat! Seriously, is it normal to get as many flats as you and Don have gotten? Fixing those every two miles does not sound like fun. In fact, the only good thing for me, would be burning 34,058 calories, and maybe getting in a game of Wordscraper with Sally. It's fun reading about your days--better you than me. Hope your "chafing" is better! Say hello to Sal and Don The Elder.


Pat, really enjoy hearing about your trip. During this holiday weekend as you are putting your ointment on your various hotspots, i will be drinking beer and eating steak!
Hope Rod is doing good. Is he having any problems getting up those hills? Enjoy your holiday.


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